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About Energy

Energy is everywhere. It is the most abundant thing in the universe! It is in the sun, wind, tides, and all organic matter (including coal, oil, and currently growing biomass). It is also in the very rocks as radioactive and non-radioactive.

According to Carl Sagan – Broca’s Brain, Ballantine Books 1979, pg 27- one gram of mass completely converted into energy will release 1x(3x10) = 9x10 egrs. This is equivalent to approximately 1000 tons of tnt. This was taken from Einstein’s equations. Thers is no lack of energy.

If there is no lack of energy why do we spend practically all our hard earned money on it?! An example is the money we spend to buy fuel for the car. We buy energy to heat or cool the home. Money  for food energy. There’s also the energy to trans sort goods, keep them frozen, cold or from freezing. With hidden energy. The truth be known we do not purchase the energy to use up. It is only converted from your money to temporarely use the most abundant commodity in the universe!

Also, when speaking of global warming remember that the greenhouse gasses trap the heat. Every time we borrow energy to do something it practically always ends up being converted to heat. 2008 -