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Saving Energy In the Home

A lot of energy is wasted in the home. By doing the things listed below this can be kept to a minimum.

- Programmable Thermostat
- Maintain filters and ducts on furnace
- Circulating water
- Heat should have system flushed with descaler
- Seal windows and cover with plastic window cover
- Clean coils on refrigerator
- Keep thermostat as low as possible in the winter and be comfortable

When bringing home warm beer, sodas, or any other warm item to be put in the refrigerator in fall or winter, leave the items outside until cold and then put them in the refrigerator. This will keep the refrigerator from running and other foods from spoiling from being near warm objects.

- Use florecent lights
- Turn out lights when not in room
- Use low water getting on waster when doing light loads
- Hang dry when can

Only drive to store when you need at least 4 items and try to work this in with doing other drive-to chores.
Always use the shortest extension cord you can when one is needed. All wires have a resistance to electric current (the amount of electrons moving through wire) so the longer the wire the more resistance. Electrons over coming resistance create heat. The simple formula for this is current (I) times resistance are equal power loss p. I x R=P. When power is used by extension cord, the drill, TV, or such that you are using will not get the required power and will operate inefficiently. Also every time one male plug is connected to a female plug creates an imperfect connection which causes more resistance and increases the chance of a fire. A burning building is a gross misuse of energy and contributes heavily to global warming. 2008 -