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Energy Sources

There are a multitude of ways to convert stored energy or other energy form to one that is viable for use for what is needed at the time. I realize that the above is a convoluted way of saying it, but there are more than thousands of ways to convert stored energy(oil, coal, nuclear, biomass, damned water…) to electricity or heat. Also forms of energy like wind, sun, or hot springs can be converted to a form needed to do what you will.

Below are some of the ways of accomplishing this and with a little thought you could properly come up with thousands of other ways.

At first man harnessed fire and learned to transfer arm energy to rocks that are thrown at animals. Then he used string and pouch to extend arm for more energy to rock. From there to spear and arm energy to bent stick to arrow energy. Also clubs were used to gain more energy. 2008 -