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Vehicle / Transportation

Transportation is one area of energy use that not only converts a lot of our stored energy but does it in a very wasteful, non-efficient way.

Ideas on transportation efficiency

Drive less: try to make store runs when at least four items are needed. Even then, think if there is a way to get by without the items until regular shopping day. Also combine with other away from home chores. If possible walk or bike.


Keep up on engine tuneup, clean your air filter or change it with every oil change. Always change oil and filter according to manufacturer recommendations. Always keep proper air pressure in tires and proper tread, air pressure will lower with drop in temperature. Keep vehicle clean, all non essential weight is fuel wasted hauling it around. The weight also wears out the brakes, shocks and u-joints prematurely.


When driving, start out slowly and increase speed. Also try to maintain a constant speed on highway. Speeding up and slowing down uses more fuel. When going doen hills with another hill ahead, try not to use your brakes or excessively speed. The stored energy will carry you up the next hill.

While driving in town, keep glancing at the light ahead to see if it is yellow or red. If it is, let off the gas and let the momentum of the vehicle carry you to the back of the line of vehicles. With practice a person can get to where they reach the back of the line as they are starting forward again. This will save a lot of fuel as it takes far more energy to start from a complete stop than to start from five miles an hour. See laws of physics.

The best: Walking, biking, and public transportation will save fuel and money that would otherwise be spent on fuel maintenance, insurance and the doctor (for over weight and high blood pressure from driving in high traffic surrounded by idiots).

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